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The Slopehelper is a fully autonomous agribot with an electric propulsion system. It performs basic agrotechnical tasks without the need for human control. The use of a functional agricultural robot allows significant savings in time and expenses.

The Slopehelper - agricultural robot functions and specifications

The Slopehelper performs the following tasks:

Grass mowing, cutting and mulching

Main types of soil cultivation

Removing weeds

Spraying trees, vineyards and other agricultural plants

Pruning fruit trees and vines

Fertilizing soil

Hauling trailers

Snow and agricultural waste clearing

Loading crops and other loads

Soil aeration and more!

Work can be performed at any time of day, in any weather conditions - without supervision.

Remote control. Say goodbye to manual labor!

The high-performance Slopehelper platform can be used with other functional equipment from the basic and additional set. Additional equipment and instruments expand the performed operations and remote-control capabilities as well as increase the convenience and safety at work.

Directional control and row changes are performed with the use of a radar system and artificial intelligence. The Slopehelper requires differential GNSS and is not dependent on GPS signal quality. After completing the assigned task, the system notifies the operator via the TeroAir mobile app

The Slopehelper electric hinged equipment performs many jobs simultaneously. Adjustable shelves and a front loader module make harvesting and loading simple. Mowers for slopes mow grass and create high-quality lawns in difficult terrain areas at large slope angles. To mow, all you have to do is bring the Slopehelper platform with the attached mower in its default position, set the appropriate program and press the "start" button. Mulching, spraying and fertilizing can be done at the same time.

The platform is charged with a standard electric socket. For more efficient charging, we suggest the 380V charger, which works three times faster. It also protects the battery against overloading, voltage surge and polarity reversal. The battery provides the autonomous use of the vehicle for up to 14 hours of basic operations. The platform keeps the attachments and controls in one place ensuring full compatibility and successful basic farming throughout a year.